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What would a website by and for disabled people look like?

This has been my guiding question throughout this project. My name is Eva Grate and I am a young and chronically ill student studying Visual Communication Design at the University of Washington. This is my final capstone project — a website by and for disabled people.I have collected stories on disability and identity from other people who identify as young + disabled. Through my time in the disabled community, I have met so many incredible artists, authors, and activists, many of whom do not have nearly the opportunities they deserve. Through this website I aim to boost these voices and share glimpses into our lives. I hope this site will provide comfort and camaraderie to other young + disabled folks, and provide education and insight to our abled friends, family, and neighbors.

I'm making my best effort to provide this content in as many forms as possible to increase accessibility. Do you have a need that is not met by the current options? Email me!

Can I contribute?

Yes please! I've asked for submissions in the form of interviews, essays, and personal statements from folks that identify as young + disabled. If you want to contribute your own story, reach out to me!

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